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Open post for anyone who wants to drop me a line. This journal is new but I will be posting stories as yet unpublished under this name.

I will probably make it Friends Only in the future and post my work here openly.

If you happen to friend me, leave a commment here and I'll add you back.

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TITLE:So damned happy

FANDOM: Brokeback Mountain
SUMMARY: My take on Ennis and Jack’s reunion in Riverton, four years after the summer of Brokeback Mountain. Strong sexual content (double lemon) mixed with a heavy dose of embarrassingly sentimental fluff.
Length: Medium - 6,800 words


Author comments

Personally, I'm not overly thrilled with how this story came out in the end. I toyed around with a few versions of it before settling down for this one in the end, and I'm almost happy with the end result compared to the alternatives I had at first. I don't like the fact the writing comes out sounding stiff for my liking at times, and I can't write good dialogue for shit, but the characterization is all right for the most part even though I wish I knew how to be less melodramatic when it comes to the root of it. What I do like about it, however, is that it doesn't swim in sorrow. It has a happy ring to it, a note of hope that hopefully says to the reader all's not so bad. Life's not always a bitch dressed in black, and Jack and Ennis's story, though ultimately tragic, had its brilliant moments of utter euphoria.

So damned happy

As the wheels of Jack’s pickup truck turned over the fine gravel outside Ennis’s house, the two men inside it couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. Whilst Jack split his attention between driving the truck out of the main street and stealing furtive glances at the man on the passenger seat, Ennis mostly looked out the window, a smile constantly playing on his lips.Collapse )

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